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Trans Emirates (Transem) is an IT Infrastructure Integration company headquartered in Abu Dhabi with over 20 Years of experience. We help our valued customers in designing future proof technologies which enable them to focus on their core competencies.
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VPN Solution

We are committed to the online security and peace of mind of every business owner worldwide.

Transem provide highly secure VPN solutions which benefit greatly in both security and reliability using a virtual private network. A managed VPN or dedicated virtual private networks provide connectivity solutions for establishing long distance and/or highly secure network connections. Dedicated virtual private networks provide many advantages in comparison to other connectivity technologies, particularly in regards to wireless local area networks. Companies wishing to provide secure networking infrastructure to its clients will find two main advantages with our VPN solutions, the network scalability and decreased costs.

  • Fully Managed VPN Services

  • Managed VPNs use a public network infrastructure like the internet to connect between office locations, removing the need for a long distance leased line to provide secure connection between offices. The VPN connects to the secure virtual network using a broadband or cheaper local leased lines and a nearby ISP instead, making the connection to your secure VPN much more cost effective, as all connections are made locally.
  • Dedicated VPN Services

  • With a dedicated virtual private network from Transem, you can combine all your sites, services and staff under a single infrastructure, creating a nationwide network that will be capable of maintaining all your sites, users and systems on reliable and secure connections that are completely flexible to the needs of your company. Internet-based managed VPNs do not require a multitude of lines to connect to company offices.
  • Secure VPN Services (SSL)

  • With a secure VPN from Transem, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your nationwide network is protected by the highest levels of security, meaning that you can connect with all the people who are important to your company in a secure, private working environment. SSL secure VPN services use the same SSL protocol found in all standard internet browsers, which means that you don’t need additional client software or have to pay excess costs.

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About Transem

Trans Emirate systems is a fast growing Digital/ end-to-end ICT company been formed to meet the always growing UAE ICT demand of qualitative and consultant approached Digital Services...

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