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Trans Emirates (Transem) is an IT Infrastructure Integration company headquartered in Abu Dhabi with over 20 Years of experience. We help our valued customers in designing future proof technologies which enable them to focus on their core competencies.
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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's comprehensive collection of cloud-based alternatives to physical hardware and services.

Microsoft Azure is a broad, ever-expanding set of cloud-based computing services that are available to businesses, developers, government agencies, and anyone who wants to build an app or run an enterprise on the internet without having to hardware or server software. It has been the fastest-growing business segment for Microsoft in recent years and will probably overtake Windows in terms of revenue within two or three years.

Why Move to the Cloud?

In essential, cloud computing is all about moving the essential systems and resources of your business to a remote server. Some might think this a risky move, bit for most IT leaders, a cloud-based backup and storage solution is essential if you want your business to improve in not only one but several aspects.

Cloud is Flexible & Reliable
With a flexible storage space, your business won’t need any additional hardware or another program to accommodate large volumes of data. Aside from cutting costs, this also helps employees perform better as it will be easier for them to work together efficiently. All they need to do is access data or resources from the cloud and collaborate with each other to ensure the success of programs and projects. In addition, using the cloud will also give employees more freedom to work according to their preferred time as the cloud can be accessed anytime and anywhere - as long as they can connect to the internet.

Another benefit of moving to the cloud is its level of reliability. If one server is down, you’ll still be able to access your data as another server will take its place. This means that all your resources will be kept safe at any time.

good investment
While it’s true that a lot of business leaders hesitate to move to the cloud because of cost issues, there are also those who are absolute confident in the fact that it’s a good investment. Imagine having all the data you need in one secure place that nobody except you and your employees can access; think of what that can do to help you save time and money.

Also, as the cloud is a pay-according-to-use service, you won’t have to worry about wasting money on features your company cannot benefit from. You will only pay for those that the business used.

What’s The Difference and How To Choose

Each cloud model offers specific features and functionalities, and it is crucial for your organization to understand the differences. Whether you need cloud-based software for storage options, a smooth platform that allows you to create customized applications, or complete control over your entire infrastructure without having to physically maintain it, there is a cloud service for you. No matter which option you choose, migrating to the cloud is the future of business and technology.

Trans Emirates Systems is a valued Microsoft partner, giving our clients the benefits of Azure while providing valuable input and expertise to help improve the platform.

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