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Trans Emirates (Transem) is an IT Infrastructure Integration company headquartered in Abu Dhabi with over 20 Years of experience. We help our valued customers in designing future proof technologies which enable them to focus on their core competencies.
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Access Control & Attendance

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Access Control Technology including Door Entry Systems

It has become essential for companies to provide a secure environment for their workforce and ensure that access to premises is restricted to those who are not authorised. The most efficient way of doing this is to use Access Control Systems which secures doors via biometric, Finger, RFID, Face or badge readers to control the access of visitors via specially developed Access Control Software.

Transem has a proven track record of providing organizations with complete Access Control Systems for the protection of its premises and employees. Operated by cards, key fobs, finger, face etc.. Transem can provide Access Control management to give you full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time, such as a door entry system. You can also manage employee access from the control of a single internal door through to a fully computerized, multi-site network of access points.

Key benefits include:

Transem will fulfill all of your Access Control technology requirements by providing both the required software and hardware along with a complete set of services including installation, training, maintenance and support. Our products range include Fingerprint Reader, Face Reader, Controller System, Proximity Card Reader, Smart Card Reader, Hand Geometric, RFID Reader

Keeping Track: Transem's Access Control Solutions can give you the capability to track individual movements in real time directly from your computer screen.

Seamless Integration: Transem's Time and Attendance Systems will seamlessly integrate with your Access Control Solution. This combination offers a powerful tool to monitor your workforce and premises in a single click.

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